ALPHA SKY is created with an aim to bring Central Europe’s communities closer to Greece and Southeast Europe. Its main goal is to inform and promote awareness of the Scientific- Medical Congresses. The designation of high quality thematic tourism is also of its interest.

Alpha Sky, through its site and through other promotional activities, aims to inform Health Care Professionals about Medical Conferences that are organized in Southeast Europe and all over the world. These Conferences will be coordinated by Local or International Scientific Institutions, in cooperation with the leading conference organizing offices there. 

Similar information will be provided to other scientific areas such as psychology, physics, chemistry, astrophysics and so on. Topics regarding arts, automotive engineering and so forth, as well as events organized by big companies and addressed to special groups of the population will be covered.

Alpha Sky is also interested in making the high- quality destinations of Southeast Europe known to the people of Central Europe. Its main goal is to attract quality tourism focusing on thematic tourist areas  such as  historical , archaeological , rural , religious  and generally all the related forms of tourism by cooperating with major tourist offices on the region.

One of the highest priorities of the company is to make procedures of participation, friendly to everyone. People interested in attending the Conferences mentioned above or its tourism packages will have direct communication with the  professionals that organize the events.

Last but not least, Alpha Sky’s ambition is to be the means through which scientific institutions or even individuals from different countries will be brought together. Mutual understanding will be enhanced, joint initiatives and events will flourish. Alpha sky invests in cross-cultural interactions and into broadening the horizons of knowledge, science and arts in general, with its two main centers of action in Bratislava and Athens.